Why Notaries Are Essential

Notaries are individuals commissioned by the Secretary of State as governmental officers who serve as unbiased parties in a transaction involving the witnessing of signatures. The duties of a Notary Public include verifying persons and maintaining detailed records of notarial acts.

Notaries are known as people of high integrity. They are mandated to be background checked and free and clear of offenses of moral turpitude. 

Notaries serve as the eyes and ears of the community and typically work as a third unbiased party in various transactions of products and services. There are countless stories of family members forcing the elderly to will over their life estate or other massive personal possessions to a less-deserving family member.

Notaries are tasked with the duty of verifying the awareness and willingness of everyone in which they come in contact for notary appointments. Notaries possess an unleveled standard of care and can be used for services such as witnessing a will, trust fund, or other estate planning documents. Notaries are used in the auto industry to verify odometer readings and title transfers.

Notaries are often used as wedding officiants, field inspectors, secret shoppers, test proctors, and many other fields where a level of integrity, detail, and care is needed. 

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